Hate Has Never Been the Answer

…which is why it has never resolved an issue. The way of healing is to unearth the pain where the weight has pulled it deeper and deeper into the ground, and for so long that it seemed to have gone missing. Buildings exist atop its burial, forests shadow the truth. Yet as Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and … Continue reading Hate Has Never Been the Answer

Cell Phone: A Tool for Justice

We take our cell phones with us everywhere we go from the bathroom where they entertain us while we’re doing our business—so much for the magazines or used books once occupying a within reach wicker basket—to church where instead of listening to the sermon we’re recording the deacon dozing off behind the pulpit. Cell phones have become another extremity, a connection to the body as … Continue reading Cell Phone: A Tool for Justice

Roseanne Got Barred

Mindfulness and living our lives from a place of conscious awareness are more than trendy statements or catchy phrases pressed onto our yoga bags. They’re real and choosing not to think so has consequences for those in the public eye. I can get away with making a wisecrack at a politician, public figure, or celebrity. No one would think twice. It’s something we see day … Continue reading Roseanne Got Barred