Donald Hall (1928-2018): A Tribute

At times we are deeply touched by something that seems to sneak up on us catching us off guard. The ordinary, the mundane, or the story of another person’s journey. The heart is capable of connecting before the mind dissects and deciphers, and before the questioning has an opportunity to enter in. We’re affected and not quite sure why, yet we allow the feelings to … Continue reading Donald Hall (1928-2018): A Tribute

Cell Phone: A Tool for Justice

We take our cell phones with us everywhere we go from the bathroom where they entertain us while we’re doing our business—so much for the magazines or used books once occupying a within reach wicker basket—to church where instead of listening to the sermon we’re recording the deacon dozing off behind the pulpit. Cell phones have become another extremity, a connection to the body as … Continue reading Cell Phone: A Tool for Justice