No Matter the Road, We Always Find Our Way Back

Inner Light || October, 2018

The way of the journey brings with it inner rises and falls, and the ability to sway with the breeze even when the mind seeks to settle. The mind does seek to settle. It is the way of protection, the way of escaping the reality of the present. Yet the thoughts dance about, tugging at what is, pulling seams apart undoing practices. Not all things arrive with ease, yet we manage to manage. We learn how to breathe deeply, taking in the discomfort and exhaling the truth: all is well in the universe. The unseen remains a gift waiting to be seen in form, tangible to the touch of the one whose hand is open, palm skyward. We can only release the holding, letting go of desires and expectations in order to receive from life. What does it say when our ears ache from the wait, and what of time still remains an illusion even as life happens around us? In the dark we cry out, Breathe on me, Life.

I lose myself in time only to be reminded that there is only the present now, and that now is the reality inside of which all things may be found, including silence. It says so much, the silence; too, it reveals the truth of its holding: that we seek still beyond the now even as we practice being with the fullness of what now brings. That is the way of the human; that is the way of imperfection journeying in the direction of its wholeness. In glimpses do we see our perfection and touch the tip of having returned to ourselves.

This path atop which I walk inside a journey that unfolds in each moment has taken me beyond being held, sustained, and carried. It has lifted me inside the arms of what it means to be elevated. It is there inside the arms of life’s elevation that we see just how vast the view, and how rich the potency of life’s potion. We are reminded to seek beyond sustenance and into the space where bounty and abundance waves at us, calling us to be nigh. I draw nigh to thee. Even when the road feels choppy underfoot, and my balance knocked hither and yon, I crawl my way back.



2 thoughts on “No Matter the Road, We Always Find Our Way Back

  1. The now calls my name and tells me that it is time to go with it, to live it without postponing my intentions. It teaches me that today everything is perfect to do what I want and to be well. It opens my eyes and shows me that time passes, and leaves a void for those with whom we could have shared wonderful moments but did not, because at that time the day wasn’t perfect.

    Thank you for your prose.

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