Episode 40: Living Through Our Circumstances

2 thoughts on “Episode 40: Living Through Our Circumstances

  1. So many questions ! Is there really “ the other side ?” Or do you mean the” other side “within ? I’ve been dealing with the same for 6 years now ! No job , no home & it’s scary! And yet , not only have I survived I’ve grown in ways I’d never could have anticipated. I am sourced abundantly in ways I still find unbelievable & yet here I am . Faith carries me even when I have none . Or so I think .


    1. I am only now seeing this. Thank you for taking a moment and sharing. I really think that “the other side” is open to interpretation and one’s own experience. For me, it means contrast–to reach the place of having a different experience than what I am having (at any given moment) while allowing myself to accept (that moment), and be open to learn, grow, and change in the meantime. I believe that it is both inner (all things begin there) and outer. When we truly ride the wave of tough experiences they teach us to grow, and we become richer in so many other ways. Isn’t it something how we can still be held, sustained, and carried when the appearance of things look so very bleak? That’s the magic of life! That helps me keep steady in my faith. May we continue to flow with the current and arrive at the place of our going. Yes!


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