The Edge is Where We See God

Image: David Lazar

At times we have to teeter on the edge, still in our standing and careful not to sway. That is the way of faith. Even when appearances appear bleak, we are called to remember that life is vast and wide, and that what we are capable of seeing through our eyes, is a limited view of something far beyond us. I lean on this truth and it steadies me. It keeps me from losing my footing and falling there on the other side where clarity blurs and faith is buried under the murk. I practice seeing the mystery of the unknown as a gift and that which appears before me as unreal. The balance keeps me afloat, keeps my thoughts on truth so that the water carries me.

Life is a balancing act, and we learn more and more how to maintain balance when the teetering starts, and the shifts happen. We often seesaw our way through difficult moments, mindful not to stay too long up or down. With time we learn that things change. They come and go, rise and fall, and swing from left to right. Contrast is real, and the pendulum easily feels the breeze of life touching to tickle. This is the way of change whether we reach for it or it reaches for us. We must be ready. To be rooted in faith means that we stand there at the door as though next in line to enter. It means that we are willing to get edge-close, to the point where all seems lost, in order to manifest the Magic. It is there at the edge that we see the all of the All.

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