Faith: It Isn’t A Walk in the Park

Jardin evening
Jardín || SMA, MX || 2018

Not every moment lived inside of faith is easy. As a matter of fact, the frequency with which unease may arise can be consistent enough to have us question ourselves. Yet that is the purpose of faith itself. It is the very thing that we must exercise when the discomfort shows its head and the questioning begins. It wouldn’t be faith otherwise; we wouldn’t need anything to lean on if we always gave into the questioning. This is why it is so important to know that situations, circumstances, and the appearance of things aren’t absolute. They aren’t permanent or true at the deepest level. Like feelings, they aren’t facts, but rather the interim through which we journey in order to arrive at the destination—every destination we are to arrive at throughout the journey of our lifetime.

Our faith is renewed each moment that we turn toward it and allow it to lift us out of the fear and anxiety that often come when we’re faced with difficult situations and circumstances or living in uncertain times inside of uncertain experiences. That is why faith is a practice and not something you just have, and it just is. Our faith has to be renewed and practiced in order to strengthen and see us through whatever it is we are faced with. There is so much outside of our control that in order to maintain our sanity we need to be grounded, rooted like a tree in a soil that can sustain us. Having faith, is knowing that, regardless of how something appears, it isn’t the end, but rather the beginning, so we allow that to be our mantra.

I like the thought of that: faith as a mantra. A mantra—origin in Hinduism and Buddhism—is something said repeatedly that helps to maintain one’s focus or concentration, such as in meditation. In using faith as a mantra, I, with great frequency repeat this: I am held, sustained, and carried by life, and this returns me to my center and allows me to turn away from appearances and back toward the reality of my intentions. I say this again and again, and each time is a renewal of my faith and a reiteration of the absolute truth. The truth is, I am held, sustained, and carried by life, and so are you.

Faith isn’t a walk in the park, no, yet it walks with us in the park when we allow it to be our companion. It comforts us when we can’t see clearly the way or understand fully the reasons behind what we may be faced with, especially during any period of waiting. We trust the invisibility of faith the way we trust the invisibility of the air we breathe. We may not understand the magic behind how, yet we know of the magic and trust that it will get us to the other side where fear has given way to freedom.

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