We Must Return to Center

SMA, MX || 2017

How easy it is to lose ourselves in the confusion of that which is not confusing. We take too many steps over there in the direction of the fog where we can’t see clearly the way when the path to the right has been paved. The mind goes there where it goes, and it leads us down spirals where we twist and turn in the dark running our hands along the wall trying to feel our way through. What causes us to enter in? What pull and from what place beckons us to travel the road that goes nowhere when the sky is so vast? It is said that we live and we learn, yet what of the lessons create a way in the direction of our soul’s longing? We bring ourselves back. We must return again to the center where truth resides, and where meditation is found.

It is not required that we sit full lotus watching the rise and fall of our thoughts. We need only to find the quiet and listen for the steps. To where are we being led, and is that truly the way of our going? We turn within for the answers before we venture left or right. It is the inquiry of the source. It is the way to the center. It is the way through when we cannot go around. So, we walk as though atop a wire arms swaying to balance, knees wobbling into steady. There is no perfect way. There is only the courage to keep going, to take one step and then another, and to pause in order to breathe, in order to inhale the way of life as it leads us still to that place where meditation is found. Within.

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