You Are Enough

Oakland, Lake Merritt || 2014

We are all journeying through our lifetime inside a lifetime so vast that we cannot begin to fathom its wings. Each of us is moving through space and time inside a place in our lives seeking the source of sense. How do we make sense of all things when most things fall outside the realm of our conscious knowing? Some things aren’t meant to be known, but rather experienced from the inside out. It is there on the inside that we encounter the map that leads us along the path of what is uniquely our own. Yet we do not always go within. Instead we seek the world external for answers. We look into the eyes of another for love. We set aside the authentic voice for the common voice in order to fit in and get along. Where inside the box have we found our fitting, and how far along the road have we gone for the get? It isn’t until we return to the source that we awaken to the truth: We are enough. Alone. Lacking nothing.

Nothing has ever been missing nor will the missing ever be. Energy is eternal. It is only that some things go hidden. They fall between the cracks or get stacked upon by miscellaneous extras, such as fear and doubt, confusion and guilt, hopelessness and deep uncertainty, and a self-esteem so connected to the opinions of others that it has lost the root of self. We must remember that these feelings are fleeting not facts, and that there is no true nature to their existence. Our true nature is that which lifts us from the pit of the dark and returns us to the light, again and again through time and space, and the places inside our lives where we seek the source of sense.

There is meaning and purpose to our breath beyond breathing. What that is depends on to what we awaken, and to where we travel with our eyes open and gazing upon the within. Who are we? What are we creating within ourselves? What are we denying in order to stay there inside the security of a box so tight that our extremities have taken to contraction when we’re meant to stretch and extend ourselves inside a life-vibration ever evolving moment by moment? The only way to come to be is to allow ourselves to come into being.

Each day we have an opportunity to open the door within and take steps that lead us to a deeper level of understanding. May we enter into that open door and learn the way of our going so that we can live a life that is lifted rather than lowered. It is more than possible to shine, and we are to celebrate the light that dwells within. Our light is ours and ours alone, attached to nothing and no one, and we are sufficiently held there in the illumination of that light. We are enough, and it is enough to know that.

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