Fertile Soil

Soil || SMA, MX || 2018

Staying the course is a practice. Each moment inside of each day asks that we bring ourselves to the road of the present, be it smooth or rugged. It matters not the terrain, only that we stand rooted in fertile soil. That is to be remembered: That the soil is fertile and not barren. It is moist with the wet of ripe, and soon when we reach out our hand, it will separate from the source and journey with us into freedom. Until then we remain here atop the pillow of our meditation, eyes cracked like the floorboard where the light gets through, and focused on the stillness of the source within. We can find God if we travel deep enough, wide enough, courageous enough. God is there at the rise and fall of our breathing; at the inhale that follows our exhale. So, we stand steady atop the soil and wait for the whisper to enter into our hearing. We listen in order to learn what is needed to stand longer still, and to stay the course again and again.

2 thoughts on “Fertile Soil

  1. En ese suelo fértil es donde sembramos a consciencia la semilla de nuestras intenciones o simplemente las dejamos caer sin saber que estarán allí creciendo, que se convertirán en plantas, con la humedad y la madurez serán árboles frondosos de ramas extendidas, frutos, flores, aromas, la magia de un suelo infinitamente fértil.

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