We Practice Our Faith During the Storm, Not After

Casablancas: SMA, MX 2018

Each day we wake inside of life and move about the way of its going. We take steps in this direction or that direction that we might arrive. Yet not all stepping is going. Some steps taken are steps that lead us to seeing, to discovering, and to moving inside of that which we now come to see. Our eyes lay there atop the rises and falls of life. We watch the journey of how things come and go, and the uncertainty of things that appear to stand still.

I have felt the uncertainty of things appearing this way. Living through the period of rebuilding requires time and space, and the unknown. Much is outside of my knowing, yet I can only be here. There is no other place to which I can skip leaving behind the now. I have to stand here and allow what is to be. I often say that life is a practice, and it is. For me, this time now is one of true practice. It is the time when I turn toward my faith again and again, and while looking directly in its eyes, say yes. This is the path of the way, and I walk it that I might arrive at the other side where the light is kept on and the whistle of the teapot sounds. I am home.

The only way to practice is from the inside. It is the teller of all things told, and the revealer of what we believe and know to be true. We practice from within the situation not looking in from the outside. It is often when we are knee-deep in the thick of a situation that we see whom we are. Our inability to control certain things require that we turn toward the unknown and see an ally not an enemy. It is a period of trust and growth where we lean not on our limited understanding, but rather on the vastness of life. That which cannot be seen is greater than the sight of our seeing, so we lean on the mystery of what has not yet been revealed in order to arrive on the other side. There will always be another side.

We are guided, whether we realize it or not, or believe it or not. Guidance flows through us naturally in the same way that breathing is natural. We are more than our physical selves. We are energy manifested in form, and that energy is what connects to life’s energy and guides us along the way. Some call it intuition. When we cultivate our intuition, it reveals its highest form and its potency to us in ways we can’t imagine. That inner voice offers direction along the course of whatever we are going through so that we arrive at the other side with more ease and grace than the suffering that comes of resistance.

Life is on our side. It stands with us not against us, something that is not so easily remembered when we are in the midst of the storm. Yet it is that very place—the storm—that we have to practice renewing our faith and trusting that all things will reveal themselves in time. It is only our responsibility to wake and move in the energy of knowing that in the juxtaposition of self and life we defer to life and its grandness. Little by little we release—and resolve—our need to control things in order to flow atop life’s current and move through that storm quicker and, again, with more ease. Let us lean on life and trust that our faith will sustain us.

2 thoughts on “We Practice Our Faith During the Storm, Not After

  1. This is so beautiful and brilliant! Thank you Kissiah for writing and posting this wonderful article. Great reminder to me of following my faith and trusting in the path.

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