This is America

Image: Time

What is America? I find it challenging to give sound of voice to this America, this place where that which is unrecognizable is recognized, and where the inconceivable is conceived. Yet it is true. The current state of this country is America and has been since the start of things to begin. When we build anything atop a foundation of lies, murder, thievery, and deceit it is difficult to not have the effect of that cause boomerang from time to time depending on whom is doing the throwing. Some are able to duck, and not be directly hit by the wrath of this time, yet no one can duck from the energy that permeates each person occupying each state, and every country whose skin is now crawling as they bear witness to America’s misuse of power, due to what is clearly a blend of racism and privilege.

We all breathe the same air. My exhale is your inhale, my inhale is your exhale. There is no energetic escape.

Detention centers and tender age shelters are being created as though an epidemic has swept through and the need to contain is of life threatening importance. Children have been separated from parents, a trauma they will endure for more time than we can imagine, while golf continues to be played, and the private jets continue carrying the Administration to foreign exotic lands. This is history in the present. This is what happens when we allow that which goes unchecked to remain: It repeats itself, always affecting those viewed as the minority or people of color.

The only way around (or out), is through. Robert Frost was spot on when he uttered those words. There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to the deeply engrained mindset of this America. It is a mindset built of concrete and quicksand where “us versus them,” and, the fact that you’re not us, is a setup to fail. Such a mindset, which grows from there into very dangerous practices and policies, must be investigated in order to be deprogrammed and reprogrammed. Perhaps a bit of cognitive behavioral therapy at the intersection of reducing the ego and the narcissistic car inside of which it travels, is in order. I don’t know. What I do know is, until this is addressed in a larger way, and without the stoking of fires by people like Trump who has reopened a can of historical worms, we may as well sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch this America crumble from power to playdough.

I am in thought of what we, the average people reading these headlines, can do. What is our role in this active volcano of a country where a designated group is being charred? There is no one answer, no one way, and no definitive path that ends it all. No. There is only the going through, and not enduring, but rather being willing to sit at the table with friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers, and create open and honest dialogue. We have to be willing to open our hearts in a way that leaves us at risk of experiencing pain. We have to cultivate compassion and realize that the very thing that isn’t directly happening to us is still happening to us. We’re breathing the same air after all, and one thing about an active volcano, it’s unpredictable. Perhaps through mindful dialogue we can become better people expanding and growing until the old way is no longer the now way.

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