We Practice Our Faith During the Storm, Not After

Each day we wake inside of life and move about the way of its going. We take steps in this direction or that direction that we might arrive. Yet not all stepping is going. Some steps taken are steps that lead us to seeing, to discovering, and to moving inside of that which we now come to see. Our eyes lay there atop the rises … Continue reading We Practice Our Faith During the Storm, Not After

Donald Hall (1928-2018): A Tribute

At times we are deeply touched by something that seems to sneak up on us catching us off guard. The ordinary, the mundane, or the story of another person’s journey. The heart is capable of connecting before the mind dissects and deciphers, and before the questioning has an opportunity to enter in. We’re affected and not quite sure why, yet we allow the feelings to … Continue reading Donald Hall (1928-2018): A Tribute

Hate Has Never Been the Answer

…which is why it has never resolved an issue. The way of healing is to unearth the pain where the weight has pulled it deeper and deeper into the ground, and for so long that it seemed to have gone missing. Buildings exist atop its burial, forests shadow the truth. Yet as Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and … Continue reading Hate Has Never Been the Answer