Kissiah || Atlanta, 2018

The creative life has a way of taking us on a journey, and sometimes journey after journey until we actualize the fullness of that creativity. I am coming to see more and more how this is true for me, though I didn’t always know it, not in the way that I know it now.

Until forty-two, my entire adult life had been spent living practically. I acquired a couple of degrees, secured jobs that afforded me a “stable” life with some travel here and there, and set up house in a lakefront apartment overlooking Oakland’s beautiful Lake Merritt. But then one day, I gave it all away. I sold some things, tossed some things, and donated some things. I quit my near decade long career in hospice and set off on a one-way ticket to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in order to be free. I needed to let everything go and just breathe. I needed to do the very thing that we’re taught not to do, or at least warned against: I traded stability for the unknown, and steady paychecks for faith. I didn’t know where the road would go, but I knew I had to venture down that road.

I turned forty-three while in Mexico where I lived for nearly a year. I’m back in the States now, yet not in the same state of being. I am different. I am changed. I am living still in the vast space of the unknown. I am rebuilding. This is the way when we leap. There are many things unknown, yet we know that the net—even through the fog—is there and will appear again and again to sustain and carry us.

I believe in life’s Magic. I believe that the creative energy behind all things has a heartbeat, and a pulse that, when we align ourselves to, breathes life onto our intentions bringing idea into manifestation. I believe that when we truly believe, and in a way that goes beyond belief into deep knowing, that we live inside the Magic.

Sustained and Carried is an inspired idea that entered my spirit by way of my intuition on Friday, June 22, 2018. It is ever-evolving inside as to what it is asking to be and where it desires to take me. I am open. I already see the potency of its message, that of mindfulness at the intersection of life, and how we may see things slightly differently in order to be somewhat changed or inspired or encouraged or held, sustained, and carried.

I hope you choose to hang out with me here where we can create Magic together. Feel free to take a look around, share, follow, subscribe, comment, or just send love. I welcome your light. Together we all shine. ~

With Gratitude,

Kissiah Young, MSW